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Committed to providing our community, neighborhood, businesses and their employees with the highest level of integrity, commitment, and collaboration.

Every person. Every project. Every time.

The Legacy Of
Northeast Spokane

Between 1892 and 1982, the Hillyard area served as a leading terminal for The Great Northern railroad. From building locomotives to building local businesses, Northeast Spokane has always attracted folks with grit and determination, who roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

We’re Building
A Community

Creative restaurateurs and retailers, small manufacturers, craftspeople, and local investors renovating and repurposing old buildings—all call Historic Hillyard home.

With an urban renaissance, a walkable downtown, and mixed-use, residential, industrial, and retail zoning—small businesses can get in on the ground floor and make a bright future in the Northeast.

See how the Northeast PDA can help you to create your ideal project on the brighter side of Washington.


What is
a PDA?

How does a PDA work? The Northeast Public Development Authority is a public corporation created by the City of Spokane and Spokane County to provide focused economic development services in the greater Hillyard area.

The PDA is funded by existing tax proceeds, meaning it doesn’t burden businesses and property owners with additional cost for its services. These funds allow it to make direct investments in infrastructure and real estate, as well as to provide incentives to projects or businesses seeking to locate in the district. In addition, it has immediate access to the decision-makers for all of the local jurisdictions, so it can streamline regulatory processes and connect projects with relevant incentives and other resources.

An overview of the larger, district-wide initiatives we have underway (there are lots)

We are leading the process to create a roadmap for the future. This starts with an area-wide planning effort that analyzes the area’s assets and liabilities, and outlines a plan to capitalize on our strengths and shore up our weaknesses. The plan focuses on targeted investments in critical infrastructure that are needed to ensure businesses can thrive, and on broad scale zoning updates that ensure the current land use mix is supportive of the broader vision.

We are leading with investment too. Beginning in 2024, the Northeast PDA will be embarking on an ambitious development program aimed at activating underutilized land to provide badly needed housing, community services, and commercial space. We are leveraging partnerships with leading local institutions to increase their programming in the area through these ventures, and are confident that these projects will act as catalysts for further private investment in the area.

Finally, we are leading by building up the community. We have convened stakeholder groups to understand the lived experience of people who live and work in Hillyard, and are developing programs to improve that experience. We have launched a district-wide cleanup and beautification program that gives Hillyard a fresh face, and are working with local jurisdictions to increase mobility, access, and infrastructure.


Jesse Bank

Executive Director

Jesse Bank has served as the Executive Director of the Northeast Public Development Authority since August 2022. Prior to joining the NEPDA, he managed pre development work for a boutique real estate development company that focused on district-scale adaptive re-use projects, community-building, and environmental stewardship. In that time, he oversaw the creation of over 1.5 million square feet of development projects spanning a variety of sectors. Jesse holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon, and an MBA in commercial real estate, with honors, from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute, the Spokane Plan Commission, and his Neighborhood Council.

Board And Appointees

Michael Cathcart


Councilmember District 1, City of Spokane

  • 1st Term
  • Term Expiration –

Josh Kerns

Vice Chair

County Commissioner, Spokane County

  • 1st Term
  • Term Expiration –



Director of Public Works, City of Spokane



CEO, Spokane County



District Business and Property Owner

  • 1st Term
  • Term Expiration –

Cheryl Stewart


Executive Director, Inland Northwest AGC

  • 1st Term
  • Term Expiration –



Regional Business Manager, Avista

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Build With Us

The Northeast PDA, the City of Spokane, and Spokane County are here to connect businesses, property owners, and the community with the resources, assets, and incentives they need to bring their vision to life in Northeast Spokane.