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Increasing business activity with a personalized approach.

The Northeast PDA is your ally to streamline the planning and regulatory processes so you can successfully build your business in Northeast Spokane.

With focused insight on new development, relocations, and new business formations we’re here to help you make it in Spokane.

Our mission:

Make it quick and easy for developers and business owners to realize their vision in Northeast Spokane by connecting them with opportunities and incentives, smoothing the permitting and approval processes, and serving as a “concierge consultant” throughout their project.

We exist to grow the economy of this historic neighborhood for a new era!

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The Northeast PDA is the single, simple point of contact for real estate developers, site selectors, and business owners to help securing federal, state, and local incentives. With customized solutions and support for your unique project, it’s never been easier to build your dream.

Capitalize on favorable zoning with multiple affordable small parcels—the kind preferred by startups and small to mid-sized businesses.

As the historic Hillyard and Market Street areas redevelop into a mixed-use residential, light-industrial, and business center, join us in creating a true live-work-play community.

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Trade The Red Tape For A Red Carpet

The Northeast PDA works by your side to reduce barriers that make projects more challenging, while creating new opportunities through partnerships with developers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and public and private entities.

We are your advocate and ally at City Hall from blueprint to breaking ground to grand opening!